About Me


In Search of Mountain Hares, Scotland 2018

I have been a photographer since I was 17 years old when I got my first camera which was over 20 years ago. I am fascinated by the natural world and as a child I was always watching wildlife documentaries on the TV. Understanding animals and learning about their behaviour is what drives me to spend hours in the field watching and photographing them. I tend to work on ideas and projects where I plan my photographs rather than happening upon a shot by accident. I normally pick one or two projects to focus on in a year.

I write about my encounters for the website Caught by the River and also various publications such as BBC Wildlife Magazine. All of my photographs are available for purchase as individual prints and I am also available to give talks on wildlife and can also provide one to one wildlife photography tuition. Email me for further information and prices using the contact link on my homepage.

Hope you enjoy my work and feel inspired to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world!